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Twin Kiss Creamery - About Us


The original Twin Kiss was established by my father in law (Robert or Bob Brunner) in the spring of 1961. It was a small building that was manufactured by Valentine MFG., Incorporated out of Wichita, Kansas.


The business started out as a summer only business that opened at eleven each morning except on Sundays. On Sundays the business didn’t open until two in the afternoon. Twin Kiss started out serving ice cream, hot dogs, barbecue, drinks, and homemade root beer.


Twin Kiss Creamery - 1961
Original Twin Kiss - 1961

The original Twin Kiss did not have seating available inside, and all ordering was done outside the building through a “walk-up” type window. The building was probably no more than 15 x 30 feet. Bob added on to make a kitchen and back room for storage. At the time of that expansion a porch and three picnic tables were also added along with inside walk up windows. It wasn’t long after another addition took place. This addition was to enclose the porch and to add another section for seating. At this time all orders were placed and served at the front counter “walk-up” window. Yet another renovation was done to make the dining room bigger on both sides and to put a seating area in the front part. At the time of this expansion Twin Kiss also went to a sit down type order system with waitresses and the name changed from Twin Kiss to TK’s Family Restaurant. The name change was to encourage people to know that it was a sit down restaurant and not just an ice cream parlor. Although the sit down system was well received the kitchen layout was not set up to accommodate this type of service. After one "very long" year and a half, the waitress experiment was reversed and Twin Kiss returned to the front counter order taking system, but kept the TK’s name. The biggest change to Twin Kiss or TK’s occurred in 2008. Bob decided to close TK’s and lease the building out. The building is now a diner.


Brian (Bob’s son) spent his childhood at the business as he grew up and began working there at about 14 years old. When Bob leased the building we weren’t sure what Brian was going to do for employment. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we didn’t want the community to be without an Ice-Cream Shop. So, we decided to open our very own ice cream shop. We wanted to keep the Twin Kiss name that the public knew and loved. Bob has been/is an enormous help to us in this journey and we are so thankful we have him. Our Shop, Twin Kiss Creamery, has gotten back to the basics of what the original Twin Kiss was. We serve ice-cream, soda, hot dogs, and barbecues. We have decorated the creamery with a kind of nostalgic look. We hung old pictures of the community along with different pictures of the original Twin Kiss through all its expansions. The biggest change for us is that all of the hand dipped ice cream that the original Twin Kiss and TK’s sold is now homemade, which is why we added creamery to the end of the Twin Kiss name. We make all of our ice cream on premise with a high quality mix. The Creamery is very demanding but together we are working hard to make it a success and deliver what the community wants.


Brian & Jamie Brunner


Twin Kiss Creamery open daily 11-9 Contact Us at (717) 254-4110

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